Honeywell Security and Fire, is a leading global manufacturer of electronic security and life safety technologies for commercial buildings, industrial sites and homes worldwide.  

Our product range consists of fire detection, alarm display systems, public address & voice alarm, sensors & modules, aspiration systems, video surveillance, access control technologies, intrusion alarms & home automation systems among others.  

We have a strong presence in APAC, where we have state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and Engineering Centers of Excellence in China and India to develop best-in-class products and solutions for global markets. We have also established training centers to cultivate the right talent and skill-sets in APAC, to enable quality installation and world-class after sales service and maintenance for our customers.  

Safety has emerged as a top priority for our customers, and Honeywell is dedicated to helping companies develop an enduring culture of safety, particularly in process-oriented industries. We provide state-of-the-art safety systems and services that protect the lives of workers, the profitability of your business, the environment, and local communities. As part of a Fortune 100 company, Honeywell Inc. is both a pioneer and a global player with an unrelenting focus on quality, technology, and safety.
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Esser Fire Alarm System
Fire detection systems that can adapt to the challenges of the future have to fulfill a wealth of complex requirements, including precise configuration, expansion to meet new demands, flexibility in adding new functions and components and backward compatibility. They should also feature good looks, ease of use and low life cycle and maintenance costs. FlexES gives you more freedom in planning, autonomy in budgeting and flexibility in operation.
IQ8 Fire Detectors
IQ8 Fire Detectors
Advanced Smoke Sensing Technology
ONYX Intelligent Sensing is an advanced set of software algorithms that delivers a rapid, intelligent response to incipient fire signatures while substantially reducing nuisance alarms. Specialty detectors supply stability and very early warning capability where unique hazards and environmental conditions exist that prohibit the use of traditional smoke detectors.
IQ8 Quad – Combination Smoke / Heat / Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
IntelliQuadTM – The Ultimate Multi-criteria Detector
IntelliQuad senses smoke particulates, carbon monoxide (CO), heat, and infrared signatures simultaneously to determine the presence of a fire condition. Sensor readings are continually evaluated against one another, allowing the detector to operate normally with high immunity to nuisance conditions, while quickly responding to true alarm events.
H S81 HS Controller
H S81 HS Controller
An industrial-grade flame, gas, smoke, and extinguishing system that serves the petroleum, petrochemical, power, mining, military and off-shore industries.
Performs flame, smoke and gas detection and extinguishing/ agent release, and seamlessly interfaces with plant safety and control systems through multiple protocols.
Features a unique “hot swap” capability for the replacement and auto-configuration of CPUs and power supplies without performing a critical system shutdown.
Monitors the state of plant safety
Rapid and coherent emergency response capability
Advanced software to enable faster and better decisions, and ensure maximum plant uptime
Reduces cost and complexity: offers built–in automatic Fire Suppression Release Card and addressable Loop Card hence, no additional investment required for a separate release panel or Fire Alarm System
Flexible and modular: addressable Fire Alarm Loop Card offering both EN54 and UL (as an option)
Fault Tolerant system due to multiple hardware and software redundancy, and round-the-clock availability due to continuous auto diagnosis of hardware and software circuit integrity
Complies with requirements set by IEC61508, and has the highest safety certification (SIL2/SIl3) from TUV Rhineland along with stringent Global Fire Approvals from EN54 and UL.
CCTV System
equIP PTZ Cameras
equIP PTZ Cameras
Honeywell's equIP Camera Series is the ideal solution for customers with high security needs that require a reliable solution, with less downtime, and lower maintenance cost. Superb video quality even in the most challenging lighting conditions, it offers wide coverage and is easy to install and integrate with third party platforms.
The latest HDZ PTZ is a great addition to Honeywell’s family of IP-based products. The High definition, True Day/Night WDR IR PTZ cameras provide extremely crisp video with up to 2 million effective pixels and 30x optical zoom models for continuous surveillance in both outdoor and indoor applications.
PTZ Explosion Proof Cameras
PTZ Explosion Proof Cameras
Honeywell HEIPTZ-2201W-IR is an IP explosion-proof PTZ camera featuring superior 1080P high definition image quality, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), True Day/Night (TDN), a built-in IR illuminator, and ATEX certified construction. This advanced IP camera is designed for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as petrochemical fields, oil refineries, LNG facilities and so forth. The HEIPTZ-2201W-IR delivers high definition images of 1080P (1920 x 1080) resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Its 360° continuous rotation and 20x zoom lens deliver a full picture of the area under surveillance in optimal width and depth. With 80-meter IR distance, the IR illuminator of the HEIPTZ-2201W-IR is assembled for providing clear images for surveillance in dim environments and at complete darkness. Also featuring WDR and TDN, the HEIPTZ- 2201W-IR is capable to adapt to various lighting conditions which guarantees superior image quality any time.
The HUS-XPRO is an all-inclusive enterprise IP solution management server developed by Honeywell. IP Surveillance System is an essential component for enterprises to perform professional security monitoring and recording to protect their properties. Using IP network for data transmission eliminates the need of proprietary boxes resulting in cost reduction in system deployment and management. Honeywell IP Surveillance Solution allows local and remote control on any surveillance monitoring sites – from mid-range applications with several hundreds of cameras, to even the large scale ones equipped with more than ten thousand.
Designed to escalate surveillance mobility and flexibility, video data can be shared and transferred to different sites. To extend a complete IP-based and centralized security system, the HUS-XPRO can be integrated with various Honeywell security products including high definition IP cameras, network video recorder HUS-NVR-5100A-E and HUS-NVR-7200A-E for large-scale applications, and HUS-NVR-1032-E and HD-NVR-108/116 for mid-scale architecture. To deploy an hybrid solution, simply apply the HUS-XPRO together with DVRs HD-16DVR-D or HVR-9000, and HVAE-0100/0400, HUSS-E4V or HUSS-E2X/E4X/E8X encoders. IP SAN unified storage system is also available. As an integrated solution, the HUS-XPRO can be integrated with not only video products, but also the reputable access control systems Pro-Watch® and WIN-PAK®, as well as intrusion system VISTA.
Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm
The most advanced and flexible aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system in the world. Provides superior detection and reliability with the introduction of:
Increased sensitivity with flair detection technology.
Future proof expandability with VESDA Flex.
VESDA Analytics.
VESDA Connect provides flexible networking and programming capabilities.
Backward compatible.
Lower total cost of ownership.